Don’t Miss This Program!

October 18, 2011

The once-a-year FJA Jury Selection Seminar is going to take place a week from this Friday at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami. This year’s seminar is part of the two-day Masters of Justice Program.  If you are a trial lawyer who understands the importance of voir dire in the outcome of your trial, you won’t want to miss this year’s presentation on the latest jury selection techniques and case-law. The agenda and speakers are as follows:

Program Co-Chairs: Robert W. Kelley and Gene Odom

8:30 am
Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Robert W. Kelley, Fort Lauderdale, and Gene Odom, Brandon

8:45 am
Leveling the Playing Field – A Jury Selection System That Roots Out Bias
Keith R. Mitnik, Orlando

9:15 am
Voir Dire – Buttons that Need to be Pushed
Gene Odom, Brandon

9:45 am
Voir Dire Themes That Carry Through To Closing Arguments
C. Steven Yerrid, Tampa

10:30 am
Break and Exhibit Viewing

10:40 am
Being Successful in Jury Selection: What You Need to Know Now
Jeffrey T. Frederick, PhD

11:25 am
The Use of Social Media in Voir Dire
Amy Singer, PhD., Founder, CEO, President, Trial Consultants, Inc., Gainesville

12:00 pm

This year’s program should be one of the best we’ve ever had. You can sign up for the seminar by clicking here: Jury Selection Seminar


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