Memorandums of Law

The following motions and memorandums  of law on issues which arise during jury selection have been used by counsel in a variety of cases:

1. Memorandum of Law Regarding the Impropriety of Adding Members to the Jury Panel after the Parties have begun exercising their peremptory challenges. Kaplan v. Philip Morris, et al

2. Motion for Mistrial Due to Improper Jury Selection Procedures (requiring defendant to exercise peremptory challenges without having before them the full panel to which those challenges were to be made). Campbell v. Philip Morris, et al

3. Plaintiff’s Motion In Opposition to Anticipated Request for Juror Questionnaire – Plaintiff’s Objection to Defendant’s Anticipated Request to use of juror questionnaire – Naugle v Philip Morris

4. Memorandum in Opposition to Use of Juror Questionnaire – Hargroves v RJRPlaintiff’s Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to use Juror Questionnaire