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Sample Questionnaires

The following questionnaires are examples of questionnaires used by the Court and counsel in the voir dire process, and for identifying problematic jurors before they have an opportunity to “poison the panel.” The questionnaires are provided in a “Word”  or “PDF” format. Additional questionnaires will be posted in the future, and subscribers will be notified via email.

1) Form Questionnaire – Florida Rules of Civil Procedure – Fla. R. Civ. P. – Form 1.984

2) General Personal Injury Questionnaire

3) Juror Questionnaire – Phil Spector Murder Trial (2007)

4) Juror Questionnaire – Conrad Black Fraud Trial (2007)

5) Juror Questionnaire – Michael Jackson Molestation Trial (2005)

6) Juror Questionnaire used by Judge Cheryl Aleman in Civil Trials (2009)